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Volunteer Program

Get unique, hands-on experience from the masters of event and conference management!

HR Tech World Volunteer Program


HRN are a new breed of networkers, researchers and event managers. We build sales, marketing, and customer service solutions with our clients − creating exceptional customer experiences and, in the process, the Greatest HR Shows on Earth. We share a vision that by 2017 HRN will be the HR network of choice across the globe. Our goal is to make the world of work a better place by connecting organizations and leaders to the information and people that inspire intelligent action and success!


The benefits of the volunteer program: get unique, hands-on experience from the masters of event and conference management! Furthermore, you will receive a reference letter after completing the program.

The volunteer program includes the following task opportunities for the participants: coordinating catering, registration assistance, traffic coordination, delegate bag distribution, seating, room monitoring and general assistance of the operations team.

Our growth has earned us the reputation of producing the fastest growing HR events in the world that have helped change the HR Industry. Our HR Tech World portfolio combined ranks HRN as the largest Corporate HR Network focused on the Future of Work & Technology. RAI Amsterdam will be the home for our HR Tech World Amsterdam show from 24-25 October 2017.

As part of our program, we require each volunteer to purchase a security deposit ticket. This has a cost of € 50.00. The payment will only be required once the application is approved and it will be refunded after completing the program.

We can only accept applications with full availability between 23-25 October 2017.

Volunteer PROGRAM

Please send your application by 15 October 2017.

We only accept applications from candidates based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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"Volunteering at HR Tech World gave me a chance to connect with others in building what I felt was one of the best HR conferences I have ever been to (I've been to a few). As someone who loves people and tech, being a part of HR Tech World allowed me to hear from a lot of experienced speakers talk about how to better integrate the two and create an environment for both to thrive in the workplace. I would recommend this to anyone who is passionate about HR and wants to meet likeminded individuals from all walks of life who enjoy being a part of the success story that is HR Tech World. I really benefited by getting additional time with speakers because I volunteered."

Brian Boncy
Ethos Lending, USA

"Volunteering with HR Tech World provided the wonderful opportunity to witness and participate in a world-class conference. As a bonus, I was fortunate to gain insight into the Human Resources industry and exposure to leading technology solutions. I heard thought-provoking speeches by trending business leaders. It was a pleasure to support HR Tech World in connecting Human Resources professionals with one another. I would gladly volunteer again!"

Michael Umbay
Data Specialist and Operations Director
University of California, Berkeley, USA

"I am very glad that I had a chance to participate in HR Tech World. This is the greatest conference that makes you feel not only like part of this industry. I learned about new strategies in HR that use technology which could help me increase productivity in my company. I met with many people who inspired me to even start my own business. I would highly recommend this program to others because people can learn about new skills and knowledge. During the conference, I was able to listen to talks and use the information at Nikon. HR Tech World San Francisco helped me to find friends, knowledge and inspired me to unleash my own potential"

Antonina Musenko
Accounting Assistant
Nikon, USA

Viki McCann Viki McCann
Director of Operations

HRN is the most inspiring, creative, challenging and fun environment

in my career and the reason why I have been part of this amazing

journey in building something incredible over the past 5 years.